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Foundations to Roofing

Foundations to Roofing. From top to bottom, we have experience working with old houses: Attics, Attics, Bathrooms, Carpentry, Flooring Restoration, Hardwood Floors, Crown Molding, Plaster Repair, Drywall Upgrades, Insulation, Doors, Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, Garages, Kitchens, Painting, Windows and More!

Custom artisanship with modern tools.

We use state of the art tools to bring your home back to how it looked when nail guns, power saws, and electric drills were non-existent. Our state of the art technology can help us with speed and precision in repairing and restoring your custom home.

Commercial Services

Our expertise with older buildings has us working downtown.

Bringing it back to life.

Bringing it back to life. If older photographs of your home are available, Old House Care can find them. This dramatically enhances the inspection and approval process in order to get your home as close as possible to its original, gorgeous state.

Cathedral Ceilings

Creates upstairs elegance while adding Resell Value

Residential Services

We care about your home.

Using the very best materials for high quality work.

Using the very best materials for high quality work. We will never skimp where it counts the very most, with the basic components of your house. The supplies and materials we use provide long lasting, high quality results.

Project Management

We are a high technical, low overhead, licensed general building contractor.

Old House Kitchens

Modern technology, old house look.